Surely you've heard of being 'right-brained' and 'left-brained'. The left is all business and connects to the right hand, and the right side is all artistic and controls the left hand. I certainly got a handful about it as a kid, first a feeling pride at being a lefty (LEFT POWER) and later confusion at beind left-handed and having Asperger's. Wasn't my right-sided brain supposed to lean towards creativity and emotion, the very things Asperger's rejects? Well, you'll be happy to learn that, via the Guardian, the whole concept is pop-pysch horseshit. Here's Jeff Anderson, who lead a two-year study on the subject and is a professor of neuroradiology at the University of Utah:

"The neuroscience community has never accepted the idea of 'left-dominant' or 'right-dominant' personality types. Lesion studies don't support it, and the truth is that it would be highly inefficient for one half of the brain to consistently be more active than the other."

Anderson, who published his findings in the amazingly-named research publication Plos One, which also provides us with the sweet looking brain chart accompanying this post, determined that

Based on the brain regions we identified as hubs in the broader left-dominant and right-dominant connectivity networks, a more consistent schema might include left-dominant connections associated with language and perception of internal stimuli, and right-dominant connections associated with attention to external stimuli.

Yet our analyses suggest that an individual brain is not "left-brained" or "right-brained" as a global property, but that asymmetric lateralization is a property of individual nodes or local subnetworks, and that different aspects of the left-dominant network and right-dominant network may show relatively greater or lesser lateralization within an individual.


Turns out that the brain is an insanely complex piece of equipment that can't be boiled down to simple platitutdes!!!!